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Falling Snow

Bryce Tutorials

Create your scene as normal like the top one opposite.
Use a grey sky to best show up the falling snow which will be added later.

Create a sphere at World Centre and click on the A button to bring up the Attributes dialogue box.

In the Attributes dialogue set the X, Y and Z Size to about 200.

Apply the Flat White material from the Simple & Fast group to your large sphere.

Now click on the M button to enter the Material Editor. Change the mode to Volume and place value buttons in Column A against Diffusion, Ambience and Base Density. A random material will appear. Change this to the Blue Spots material in the Basic group.

Now set Base Density and Edge Softness to 100.
Set Fuzzy Factor to 300.
Set Quality/Speed to 50.
Set the Scale of Blue Spots to 100%

Deselect Cast Shadows and select Additive.
Return to the Scene Editor and render.

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