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Pouring Water

Bryce Tutorials

Create a Symmetrical Lattice.
Enter the Terrain Editor
- select New
- select Grid 512
- select Solid.
Paint in the terrain editor, canvas with a soft white brush, your poured water.
Use many strokes to get the lumps and bumps shown here.

Return to the Scene Editor.
nlarge and rotate the Symmetrical Lattice 90 degrees around the X axis.
Click on the A button to bring up the Attributes dialogue.

In the Attributes dialogue set the Y Size to about 4.

The Symmetrical Lattice will now look like this.
Now rotate it through 45 degrees about the Y axis to view it side on.

Now select a material for your water.
I find it best to use a glass material in this application (the actual water materials are best for seas and lakes).
Use the one shown opposite - it has all the properties of water.

Now render.
This is the lattice from above with bottle, sky and water plane added.
A ripple was also added at the base of the lattice in Photoshop.

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