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Simple Comets

Bryce Tutorials

Create a round parallel light by holding down the Control key and clicking on Parallel Light (the default parallel light is square and that won't work in this application).

Here is the parallel light.

Click on the A button to bring up the Attributes dialogue box and enter -135 in the X rotation box.

Here is the rotated parallel light.

Now, with the light still selected click on the E button to Edit the light.
Select Volume Visible Light, Infinite Light and Squared Falloff.
Set the brightness by dragging to 600 and set the fuzziness to 50. See left.

Do not rotate the parallel light around the Y axis or the illusion will be lost as the squared end of the light becomes visible.
That's all there is to it.
Here is a render.
The rotation angle here was -115.
Try this method against a galactic background. Works with dark backgrounds best.

Have fun...

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