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Simple Waterfall

Bryce Tutorials

Most of us have tried to make a waterfall with one terrain and the result is never quite what we wanted, but by using the Erode button the result becomes quite acceptable.This is the effect we are going to achieve - a single terrain for the waterfall.Surrounding terrains are added plus a sky preset and a water plane.

Create a terrain. Click on the E button to enter the terrain editor. Set the grid resolution to 512 x 512 and click on New.Now with a HARD brush paint the shape shown in white on the terrain canvas. The line between black and white will be the edge of your waterfall.
Now click once on the Eroded button - this will produce the vertical texture of the waterfall.Now raise the lower end of the clipping Now raise the lower end of the clipping bracket just slightly so most of the black turns red.

Return to the Scene Editor. Apply a water texture (I used Waves of Reflection - 3rd row down and 3rd from the left) and render, your screen should look like this.

Drag downwards slightly on the camera trackball to reveal the top surface of the waterfall.Now surround it with some terrains and add some mist and you're done.The mist in the top image was added with U-lead's Particle plugin for Photoshop. (Highly Recommended)

The position of the sun affects the appearance dramatically. Place the sun so it shines directly on the face of the fall. The grid size of the terrain is also important. I found 1024 x 1024 too smooth but 128 x 128 would be good for small tumbling falls in a river.

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